Cape Film Supply

“It’s a simple story. We met through a love for film photography but both lamented the high prices of film in South Africa. Pooling our resources and shared acumen we started the photographic service called Cape Film Supply”.
In 2011 Michael Ellis and Christiaan Beyers crossed paths while working on a student film production. A mutual passion for film photography brought the two closer who quickly developed a colorful friendship. Eagerly sharing knowledge of film from across the globe with each other, their hobby escalated into something that can only be described as a ‘research obsession’.
Single rolls of films turned into multiple purchases and today in 2017 they are applying their research and resources to bring film enthusiasts this web store. An easy and informative online shop supplying quality film at affordable prices enabling more people to shoot more film more often.


Lights Camera Action

Being an ambitions, driven, enthusiastic and creative person by nature, one will know that that Channa Geldenhuys has come from a very fascinating, hardworking and exhilarating journey in this lifetime.  From setting  her dreams at a very young age to becoming a Hollywood Actress when she was “all big and grown up”, which lead her to working in the Film and TV Commercial industry (behind camera) for the past 22 years.   Channa found her passion working alongside Directors, Producers, Creative’s, Actors, Models and Artistes from all walks of life that lead her to her greatest passion, that of becoming an On-Camera Acting Coach & Casting Director.

As acting coach and casting director for models, actors, public figures, TV presenters and kids alike, Channa facilitates On-Camera Acting  workshops which assists the model / actor’s authentic approach to camera; enhancing a new realm of casting possibilities by teaching various on-camera techniques that are recognized worldwide to suit the client’s advertising board and target market through on-camera performance skills. LCA’s on-camera acting courses assists the model / actor to realize their full potential whilst in a casting audition, empowering them to getting THAT TV job!