Analogue Cape Town / 001

These are a couple of images from the first Analogue Cape Town exhibition held at Eleven Eleven.

About Analogue Cape Town.

We are a group of passionate film photographers in Cape Town who want to do our part to grow the community as best we can.

We actively share information about photography and film developing and we go out on shoots as often as we can, get in touch to our little community and join in the fun.

All images shot with a Olympus OM10 on Kodak Portra 800 ISO, 35mm film. Thanks Cape Film Supply.

Kleinjan Groenewald

Hi, I am a freelance photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

With a love for travel, adventure, portrait and food photography. I enjoy shooting my work on digital and film format. We all need to stay current when it comes to the photography industry, but I still really like the feel you get from shooting film and the discipline it teaches you.

I love planning new adventures and discovering new faces and places through my documentary style of shooting. I have traveled to about 25 countries working as a professional photographer since 2008 and would like to add more adventures to the list. Anything from sailing around the world on a cruise ship to fund my travels, working on yachts in the Mediterranean and overland adventures through Africa.  

Going places I haven’t been and working with new and like minded people is where I feel most inspired. I find inspiration in the unexplored. Always eager to work with new people to create something unique.

I have learned from some amazing photographers in Cape Town through my years of assisting and I am now applying those skills to my work. I believe that you learn new skills and knowledge every day and I will keep using them to better every project I have the opportunity to work on.