GHiA - Bossy Boots

We had the pleasure of hosting the first music video shoot at 11:11 for Cape Town artist GHiA. GHiA is a multidisciplinary artist. Her music is a compelling combination of alternate electronic sounds with live instrumentation. State of Being, is her inaugural solo EP featuring five originally written and produced songs.

Director & Editor - Barry De Villiers / Producers - Ferdinand Van Zyl & Jac Williams / Camera - Johan Nel / Lighting - Chris Knoetze & Shane Dewar / Art Direction - Jaco Loots / Make-Up, Hair & Styling - Nicola Loots / Choreographer - Elvina "Vee" Da Silva / Production Assistant - Philip Theron / Films Lights Supplied By Audio Pimps

A Man Makes A Picture Production In Collaboration With Roundabout

Kleinjan Groenewald

Hi, I am a freelance photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

With a love for travel, adventure, portrait and food photography. I enjoy shooting my work on digital and film format. We all need to stay current when it comes to the photography industry, but I still really like the feel you get from shooting film and the discipline it teaches you.

I love planning new adventures and discovering new faces and places through my documentary style of shooting. I have traveled to about 25 countries working as a professional photographer since 2008 and would like to add more adventures to the list. Anything from sailing around the world on a cruise ship to fund my travels, working on yachts in the Mediterranean and overland adventures through Africa.  

Going places I haven’t been and working with new and like minded people is where I feel most inspired. I find inspiration in the unexplored. Always eager to work with new people to create something unique.

I have learned from some amazing photographers in Cape Town through my years of assisting and I am now applying those skills to my work. I believe that you learn new skills and knowledge every day and I will keep using them to better every project I have the opportunity to work on.