The Soft Machine / 001

The Soft Machine is a quarterly, seasonal exhibition showcasing photographers whose work operates in the intersection of fashion, art and film. 

Each exhibition is organised around the theme of the body, or “The Soft Machine”, and how it is used in fashion, film and art to construct culture, to comment on it, and create the narratives and ideals that shape the psycho-social identity of people in a given place - here in Cape Town, in South Africa and Africa at large.

What the project aims at is to promote relevant, self-conscious and original local photographic work in both a local and an international context, and to promote a culture of introspection and self-awareness around fashion, art and film.


As with the book by William S. Burroughs, from which The Soft Machine takes its name, the exhibitions are focused on how control mechanisms invade the body, how the body is used itself as a mechanism of control, and the associated issues of sexuality, sensuality and transience.

It is with this in mind that that the spring exhibition centers loosely on character, narrative and the transience of identity.


Nikola Vlok / Burn & Taste Album Launch

On 7 September 2018 we had the pleasure of hosting Nikola Vlok with her Burn & Taste album launch. It was an evening filled with good music, art, drinks and great people.


OH OKAY / 002

On the 28th of July we played host to the guys from OH OK Worldwide. They had clothing on sale, video games where played and DJ's kept the vibe going. It was a good Saturday spent with friends and a couple of drinks were consumed. We are looking forward to the next event later this month. So keep an eye out for more details and we hope to see all you there.  


GHiA - Bossy Boots

We had the pleasure of hosting the first music video shoot at 11:11 for Cape Town artist GHiA. GHiA is a multidisciplinary artist. Her music is a compelling combination of alternate electronic sounds with live instrumentation. State of Being, is her inaugural solo EP featuring five originally written and produced songs.



Director & Editor - Barry De Villiers / Producers - Ferdinand Van Zyl & Jac Williams / Camera - Johan Nel / Lighting - Chris Knoetze & Shane Dewar / Art Direction - Jaco Loots / Make-Up, Hair & Styling - Nicola Loots / Choreographer - Elvina "Vee" Da Silva / Production Assistant - Philip Theron / Films Lights Supplied By Audio Pimps

A Man Makes A Picture Production In Collaboration With Roundabout